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About Astrid

Astrid is a Swedish producer of European-manufactured textiles.  Proximity to our partner factories and product development teams is essential to us, certainly from an environmental perspective but not least for the personal relationships we build with the specialists who produce our fabrics.

Astrid was founded in 2004 with a dream of adding more textiles and more color to interior design projects. We wanted our fabrics to be double-width, high-quality and come in a broad color spectrum, creating a foundational collection with long-term appeal. Service was then and is now an important part of Astrid’s business.  We listen to our customers, provide inspiration and always carry a wide range of fabrics in stock.

For us, a long-term perspective is key to working with our collections.  Innovation and new products are not seasonal but instead grow out of our need to expand our assortment, whether that be in terms of color, texture, translucency, weight or material.

It is important for us to produce textiles with respect for our shared environment. Our ambition is to always be one step ahead of European regulations for our industry.

Astrid’s goal is to inject the unique feeling of textiles into both public and private spaces. We are particularly fond of working with colors and textures tone on tone and we often mix natural and synthetic fabrics to create exciting combinations and spaces. We love to see our textiles fill an important function, such as setting a color scheme, creating better acoustics or ensuring privacy.

We work in close cooperation with architects, contributing ideas and solutions for including textiles in various projects. We are thrilled to supply textiles to some of the most exciting architectural teams in Scandinavia and, increasingly, internationally.

Astrid studio and showroom

Architects and interior designers are welcome to Astrid’s showroom on Nybrogatan in Stockholm. Many of our textiles hang there, making it easy to take in transparency, texture, drape and hanging methods.

We are pleased to put together suggestions based on colors, textures and other ideas and are happy to provide fabric samples;  simply visit, call or mail us with requests. We are also happy to respond to any thoughts or questions about how to put our products to use.

For specific projects, we can provide a presentation of our collections or show particular fabrics. You are more than welcome to hold creative meetings with your customers at our showroom.

Astrid fabric service

We have samples of all our products and mail samples by post the same day we receive a request.  If you are in even more of hurry than that, reach out to us and we will find a solution.  Samples of full collections are availble by order.


Astrid projects

For larger projects such as hotels or offices, we have an even more extensive selection than our stocked products. Together, we can find fabrics that suit the project and meet specified requirements. We can also help with production if a special color or type of textile is needed for a particular project.

Astrids network

We have an extensive network of contacts within different areas of expertise – sewing, installation, or, for example, organic flame resistance or digital printing – and are happy to put our customers in contact with these experts.

Astrid and the environment

Our goal is to provide fantastic, high-quality fabrics while showing care and respect for our shared environment. Astrid works together with some of the best producers in Europe, so that we can maintain a close relationship with suppliers and access the broad range of knowledge implicit in European production.  Whenever possible, Astrid strives to exceed the standards of EU’s regulations for chemicals, REACH.  Our fabrics shall not contain substances that are dangerous for people or the environment.

Many of our collections are produced in linen, which is a particularly attractive material from a sustainability perspective. Not only is linen a durable material, but all parts of the plant can be used and are entirely biodegradable and recyclable. Linen cultivation does not require water and the linen plant is exceptionally resistant to disease.

All our Trevira CS products are woven with yarn certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a global testing and certification system for primary textile products as well as semi-finished and finished products.  The system takes a pragmatic approach to assessing potentially damaging substances in textile products. Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 precludes not only substances that are legally forbidden or limited, but even other substances that are scientifically proven or suspected to be dangerous for our health.

Our fabrics are not treated with flame-retardant, spot resistance or antibacterial agents.

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