Bottero is one of our heavier flameproof curtain fabrics, with a shimmering, almost high tech finish.  Shades well and falls beautifully.

Please be aware that screen colours, printer colours and fabric dye batches may all vary.

Note! We are rearranging our colour system to a uniform version, thereby different colour codes to the pictures. Please contact us at or call us at +46 8 667 15 33 for translation.


Composition: 51% Trevira CS 49% Polyester
Main use: Curtain
Width: 300 cm
Weight: 277 gr/m2
Number of colours: 72
Dyeing: Piece dyed
Shrinkage after washing: 1%
Colour fastness to artifical light: 5-6
Colour fastness to washing: 4-5
Flame retardant: Yes

Col: 1110Col: 1115Col: 1161Col: 1550Col: 2130Col: 2312Col: 2772Col: 3550Col: 3820Col: 3850Col: 3930Col: 4150Col: 4481Col: 4240Col: 4491Col: 4559Col: 4970Col: 4794Col: 4774Col: 4772Col: 4771Col: 7411Col: 7471Col: 7730Col: 7760Col: 7909Col: 7961Col: 7273Col: 9270Col: 8771Col: 8791Col: 6150Col: 6186Col: 6767Col: 6960Col: 6980Col: 6889Col: 6800Col: 6850Col: 6858Col: 6610Col: 6605Col: 6500Col: 6559Col: 6359Col: 6555Col: 6550Col: 5660Col: 5659Col: 5651Col: 5350Col: 5510Col: 5440Col: 5560Col: 5592Col: 5359Col: 3899Col: 8160Col: 8868Col: 8961Col: 8882Col: 9286Col: 9990
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