Bottero is one of our heavier flameproof curtain fabrics, with a shimmering, almost high tech finish.  Shades well and falls beautifully.

Please be aware that screen colours, printer colours and fabric dye batches may all vary.


Composition: 51% Trevira CS 49% Polyester
Main use: Curtain
Width: 300 cm
Weight: 277 gr/m2
Number of colours: 72
Dyeing: Piece dyed
Shrinkage after washing: 1%
Colour fastness to artifical light: 5-6
Colour fastness to washing: 4-5
Flame retardant: Yes

Col: 1110Col: 1115Col: 1161Col: 1550Col: 2130Col: 2312Col: 2772Col: 3550Col: 3820Col: 3850Col: 3930Col: 4150Col: 4481Col: 4240Col: 4491Col: 4559Col: 4970Col: 4794Col: 4774Col: 4772Col: 4771Col: 7411Col: 7471Col: 7909Col: 7961Col: 7273Col: 9270Col: 8771Col: 8791Col: 6150Col: 6767Col: 6850Col: 6858Col: 6559Col: 6555Col: 6550Col: 5660Col: 5659Col: 5651Col: 5510Col: 5440Col: 5560Col: 5592Col: 5359Col: 8160Col: 8882Col: 9286
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