Biella is a double width washed linen fabric woven with a small fishbone binding.
The yarns in the warp and weft are in different colours giving it a shifting surface. Biella, together with
Savona are produced from the same warp and are available in the same family of colours.

This fabric is washed to give it a unique look. It will stretch and/or contract depending on humidity, dryness and temperature.

Please be aware that screen colours, printer colours and fabric dye batches may vary.


Binding: Herringbone
Dyeing: Yarn dyed
Main use: Curtain, decoration
Composition: 100% Lin
Finish: Soft wash
Width: 295-300 cm
Weight: 193 gr/m2
Shrinkage after washing: +/- 2% 4/5
Colour fastness to artificial light: 4/5
Colour fastness to washing: 4/5
Flame retardant: No
Environment: Produced in Italy. Complies with REACH regulation.
Technical sheet: PDF


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