Occra and Earth

Over the years, we have amassed a secret stock of limited quantities of fabric in varying colours, patterns and textures. Some have never previously been available for purchase, some have been part of sample collections and some originate from earlier and discontinued production runs. Internally, we have always referred to this undisclosed stock as the Astrid Arkiv.

You are welcome to order samples of the entire combination or individual fabrics. The textiles lifted from the Astrid Arkiv are available in varying lengths, ranging from 5 metres up to approximately a hundred metres. All of them can be shipped immediately from our Stockholm warehouse. Please get in touch at info@astrid.se for availability and prices.

Left from above:

Lagrein 1, 100% Linen, width 137 cm
Treviso 5213 Yellow, 54% Cotton 46% Linen, width 300 cm
Pinotage Antelope, 100% Linen, width 140 cm
Venere Fine Yellow, 100% Linen, width 300 cm
Waffles Golden, 100% Linen, width 140 cm
Claude Occra 100% Linen, width 148 cm
Velvet Occra, 100% Cotton, width 140 cm, 50.000 Martindale

Right from above:

Pinotage Beige Moyen, 100% Linen, width 140 cm
Dries Fig, 100% Linen, width 145 cm , 25.000 Martindale
Nebraska Fishbone B05, 79% Wool 21% Trevira CS, width 300 cm
Andrea R29, 43% Wool 43% Linen 14% PA, width 300 cm
Changeant 9, 100% Linen, width cm
Nebraska Fishbone B05, 79% Wool 21% Trevira CS, width 300 cm
Monterosa Brown, 50% Linen 50% Polyester, width 300 cm