Pisa Dimout

Pisa is a flameproof dimout fabric.  It has a soft and nice drape and is the same on both sides. Suitable as a dimout caurtain on it’s own or as a tone in tone lining.

Please be aware that screen colours, printer colours and fabric dye batches may all vary.

Note! We are rearranging our colour system to a uniform version, thereby different colour codes to the pictures than in our sample collections. Please contact us at info@astrid.se or call us at +46 8 667 15 33 for translation.

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Vävsätt: Double sided satin
Dyeing: Piece dyed
Main use: Curtain
Composition: 100% Polyester FR
Width: 295-300 cm
Weight: 246 gr/m2
Shrinkage after washing: Warp 0,3% Weft 0,1%
Colour fastness to artificial light: 5
Colour fastness to washing: 4-5
Flame retardant: Yes
Environment: Produced in Italy. Complies with REACH regualtion.


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