Torno has a rich structured and wooly surface. It’s woven with fine linen threads and thicker bouclé wool yarn, together creating an abstract pattern.
A stunning eye catcher for draping and throws.

This article may stretch depending on the natural character of the wool fiber. For best result use the width of the fabric as the width of the curtain.
Colour may vary due to the natural character of the linen fiber.

Please be aware that screen colours, printer colours and fabric dye batches may vary.


Binding: Jaquard
Dyeing: Yarn dyed
Main use: Curtain, decoration
Composition: LI 54% WM 39% PA 5% WV 2%
Finish: Soft wash
Width: 285 cm
Weight: 272 gr/m2
Shrinkage after washing: Warp -3% Weft +-1,5%
Colour fastness to artificial light: 4/5
Colour fastness to washing: 4
Flame retardant: No
Environment: Produced in Italy.. Complies with REACH regulation.
Technical sheet: PDF


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