About us

We are Astrid

Quality interior fabrics

Back in 2003, it was a passion for textiles that led Anna Boustedt to found Astrid. Her vision of how texture and colours can be combined and added to a variety of interior spaces remains a key influence on our approach today. By employing a combination of Scandinavian aesthetics and European production of the highest quality, we achieve results that are contemporary, timeless and sustainable.

With a conviction that textiles have the ability to completely change the atmosphere of a space, we design and produce our collections of high-quality fabrics. They are available to architects, interior designers, retailers and others who work professionally with interiors.

Astrid’s philosophy

Textiles that make a difference

At Astrid, we want to offer a contemporary, timeless and sustainable alternative in an industry with a somewhat toxic past. With us, quality, passion for the craft and personal service permeate everything we do, and we believe that these traits are reflected in our fabrics. We work towards social and environmental sustainability at all levels. In this way, Astrid’s products contribute to creating better and healthier spaces.

Astrid and the environment

With care for our planet

Our commitment to the environment extends to all parts of the production journey from textile fibre to finished fabric. We focus on minimising the environmental impact at all stages of our manufacturing process. Thanks to our active pursuit of a cleaner process, we often exceed EU guidelines in this area. Caring for the environment is and will remain an important aspect of Astrid’s work.

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Astrid’s friends

A closely intertwined network

Like our fabrics, Astrid consists of a closely linked network of suppliers, employees, retailers and partners. It is in the mix of people that creativity, development and innovation arise. Without all of these people, their disciplines and the knowledge they contribute, we would not be who we are today.

We have a large network of contacts in various areas of expertise, including sewing, assembly and digital printing, and we are happy to introduce our clients to them.

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