About Astrid

About Astrid

Astrid brings texture and color to interior spaces of all kinds. We combine a Scandinavian design aesthetic with the highest quality European production to create textile collections that are both timeless and modern. Drawing inspiration from nature and cityscapes, from fashion to art to everyday life, we bring our unique eye and experience to the world of textiles.

Astrid creates an evolving product line to meet a wide range of design and business needs, including not only the most luxurious natural fabrics but also flame-retardant textiles for contract use. But just as important as our range of textures and colors is how we work. We cooperate closely with our clients, offering personal service and evolving together to solve challenges, inspire one other and turn visions into reality.

Astrid and the environment

Our goal is to provide fantastic, high-quality fabrics while showing care and respect for our shared environment. Astrid works together with some of the best producers in Europe, so that we can maintain a close relationship with suppliers and access the broad range of knowledge implicit in European production.  Whenever possible, Astrid strives to exceed the standards of EU’s regulations for chemicals, REACH.  Our fabrics shall not contain substances that are dangerous for people or the environment.

Many of our collections are produced in linen, which is a particularly attractive material from a sustainability perspective. Not only is linen a durable material, but all parts of the plant can be used and are entirely biodegradable and recyclable. Linen cultivation does not require water and the linen plant is exceptionally resistant to disease.

When fire safety and ease of care are priorities, fabrics made of flame-retardant polyester such as Trevira CS has an advantage on the contract market. All our Trevira CS products are woven with yarn certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. We are working to ensure the fabrics are reused or recycled at the end of their life cycle and we have three new collections in recycled polyester.

Our fabrics are not treated with flame-retardant, spot resistance or antibacterial agents.

Astrid studio and showroom

Architects and interior designers are welcome to Astrid’s showroom on Nybrogatan in Stockholm. Many of our textiles hang there, making it easy to take in transparency, texture, drape and hanging methods.

We are pleased to put together suggestions based on colors, textures and other ideas and are happy to provide fabric samples;  simply visit, call or mail us with requests. We are also happy to respond to any thoughts or questions about how to put our products to use.

For specific projects, we can provide a presentation of our collections or show particular fabrics. You are more than welcome to hold creative meetings with your customers at our showroom.


Astrid fabric service

If you are an architect, an interior designer or a stockist and would like to have a closer look at the quality and feel of our textiles, our fabric service is pleased to assist you.

Simply browse our collection of textiles and email your order to info@astrid.se. We offer prompt dispatch on the textile samples of your choice. If you are in urgent need of samples, you are welcome to contact us directly by phone.

For private customers, we are happy to send up to five textile samples at no cost. Please allow up to one week for delivery. We can also direct you to your nearest Astrid stockist, who can help you to complete your order.


Astrid projects

For larger projects such as hotels or offices, we have an even more extensive selection than our stocked products. Together, we can find fabrics that suit the project and meet specified requirements. We can also help with production if a special color or type of textile is needed for a particular project.

Astrids network

We have an extensive network of contacts within different areas of expertise – sewing, installation, or, for example, organic flame resistance or digital printing – and are happy to put our customers in contact with these experts.