Astrid at SFF20 – A05:10 – Textile Lab

We hope you will join us at our Textile Lab, where we have chosen to bring the Astrid showroom and our unique way of working to the Stockholm Furniture Fair. We want to offer a hands-on experience of the fabrics we love so much, giving our visitors the opportunity to be part of the Astrid way of thinking, creating and inspiring. Come by the Textile Lab to combine the textures and colors that inspire you into your own personal collection. Find out more about our sustainability work. Solve your specific design needs together with Astrid’s experts. Or just come by to say hello and take in our lovely, relaxing space. We look forward to seeing you.

More of Astrid during Stockholm Design Week
Sustainable Stop – Nobis by Blique. Opening on Thursday February 6th and open for the public 7- 8th of February.
Mylhta by Lisa Hilland – Stockholm Furniture Fair: stand C03:04
Dialogues/Ted Space – Hanna Nova Beatrice/Kråkvik D’Orazio, Sturegatan 18, code 1347. Open 4 – 7th of February 10 am – 6 pm.

Our beautiful fabrics can also be seen at following stands at the Stockholm Furniture Fair:
Swedese, Pholc, Blå Station, Fabrikant, Fora Form, Lintex and New Works.

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