Ripasso – soft and delicate wool and linen mix

As we are getting closer to a colder season we would like to tell you more about one of our wool textiles Ripasso. In fact it’s a mix of linen and wool, but as it’s a satin weave the wool is more visible on the front side. This gives a more wooly and soft unified coloured front side and a straight lighter coloured linen back side. Ripasso has great draping skills and comes in a beautiful colour scale. In this photo from this springs photo shoot with Erik Lefvander you see the sweet apricot colour (col.6333). This textile could also be suitable for throws or maybe a lighter bed spread. All our wool is muelsing free, origins from Australia, but spun and woven in Italy. It’s a really delicate and soft wool where all the good characteristics from the fiber is kept intact. Other collections using this wool is Chiara, Lorenzo, Valle, Lucia and this years news Varese (not on the site yet).